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#308 Long Spiral Lariat

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SKU# PR-308
In stock
Thin link chain 50cm (14 lengths 2.5cm long) 20 gauge beading wire 12mm catseye mauve beads, flat round 12mm catseye mauve beads, oval 6-8mm grey beads. 4mm round catseye mauve beads 4mm smoke bicone 8mm jump rings Metal flower spacers Long eye pins Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Side cutters pliers

Make the spirals: cut 8cm of wire, make the centre 4cm, with the tip of the round nose pliers do a tiny loop. Grasp the loop firmly with flat nose pliers and begin to coil the wire tightly around the loop until you get the to centre mark. From the other end do the same, but facing the other direction like an "S" shape. Make 6 of these, put a jump ring through the centre of each coil. For the spirals on the end—repeat procedure for the other spirals except on one end of the spiral instead of coiling tightly leave some room in between the coil to attach some dangles, keep the top end of the coil the same as the other coils, put a jump ring through the top coil Prepare the beads: Thread an eye pin through each of following beads, trim the wire 8mm from the bead and form a loop with the round nose pliers: 20 grey round 6mm beads, 4 mauve flat round 12mm beads (put a spacer and 4mm bicone on each side) 3 mauve oval 12mm beads (put a spacer and 4mm bicone on each side) 12 round mauve 4mm beads, 6 assorted beads for the end dangles, this time instead of making a loop trim approx 2 cm from the bead and make a little coil to stop the bead from coming off. Attach 3 of these to the bottom of the "end spiral" (the loosely coiled ones) do the same for the other one. Cut 14 lengths of chain 2.5cm long. Assemble the necklace: The pattern: 1 grey 6mm bead, 2.5cm chain ,1 spiral, (attach all spirals with the jump ring), 1 mauve 4mm,1 grey 6mm, 1 mauve 4mm, 1 spiral, 2.5cm chain, 1 grey 6mm. Make 6 of these. Attach all 6 of these sections with a 12mm mauve bead in-between. On each end of the necklace attach a segment of 2.5cm chain then the end spiral with a jump ring whichalready has the dangles attached to the ends or the coils. This necklace will be approx 114cm long.
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