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#79 Paper Mache Mannequins

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  • Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint, Dioxazine Purple- 118ml
    Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint, Dioxazine Purple- 118ml
  • Paper Mache Mannequin- 30cm
    Paper Mache Mannequin- 30cm
  • Bridal Tulle Fabric, White- Width 280cm
    Bridal Tulle Fabric, White- Width 280cm
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Purple Jewellery Mannequin: Large 35cm papier mache mannequin Purple acrylic paint Jo Sonja all purpose sealer Paint brush 4 white screw in cup hooks String of pearl beads 1 packet of paper roses Craft glue Sewing thread and needle Bride: Papier mache mannequin on stand White acrylic paint Flesh coloured acrylic paint Jo Sonja's all purpose sealer Lace 20cm x 30cm 50cm x 75cm of white tulle Diamante button 25cm of white satin ribbon 15cm of diamante trim PVA glue Glamour Puss: 35cm papier mache mannequin 40cm of black polar fleece or other stretch fabric 15cm x 60cm of black tulle 30cm x 5cm of faux fur fabric Diamante button Crafty glue Sewing machine Black thread and needle Scissors

Purple Jewellery Mannequin: Paint the entire surface of the mannequin in all purpose sealer and allow to dry. When sealer is dry, paint the entire surface with two coats of purple acrylic paint and allow to dry. Cut the netting so that it is as wide as the measurement from the waist to the ground (approx 22cm) and 100cm long. Using the needle and thread gather along the long edge of the netting, place it around the waist and pull sewing the two ends to gather at the back. Glue the flowers randomly around the skirt. Screw the cup hooks into place through the mannequin. Tie the end of a string of pearls together and place around neck. Bride: Paint the entire surface of the mannequin in all purpose sealer and allow to dry. Paint the area above the breasts and under the arms in flesh coloured paint and the rest in white. When dry paint the entire white section with PVA glue and while still wet wrap the lace around the mannequin so that it is firm and trim excess from the back. Gather the veiling around the neck. Glue the ribbon around the waist, break the back off the diamante button and glue to the centre front of the ribbon and glue the diamante trim around neck. Glamour Puss: Making sure that the greatest stretch of the fabric is going sideways, cut a piece of the polar fleece 28cm x 45cm and sew each side together to make a tube. Making sure that the seam is up the back pull the tube over the mannequin (it should be firm around her body). Pin and cut across the top to follow the line of the shoulders and neck, remove from the mannequin and sew across the top following this shape. Turn right side out and put it back on the mannequin. Fold the top edge of the fur over and glue at the centre front to make a stole. Glue the diamante button to the centre front to cover the join of the stole. Cut any remaining fabric at the bottom off. Gather the tulle down the centre, fold in half and stitch it evenly around the bottom of the mannequins dress.
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