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A094 Pastel Crystal Necklace

To download this free project, select the image of the project and click to enlarge. Right click and select 'Save Image As'. After saving, you can choose to print or access the project at your leisure.

  • Ribtex Head Pins, 65mm Silver- 15pc
    Ribtex Head Pins, 65mm Silver- 15pc
    SKU# 22112521-02620
  • Ribtex Lobster Clasps, 11mm Ant Silver- 14pc
    Ribtex Lobster Clasps, 11mm Ant Silver- 14pc
    SKU# 22035585-02620
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SKU# PR-A094
In stock

JB5G10 26mm framed green crystal JB5P79 12mm framed pink crystal JB5Y71 10mm framed yellow crystal JB5W68 8mm clear round


Silver tiger tail 2 60mm silver head pins 20g silver wire (or 3 additional 60mm head pins) 3 32mm silver head pins 4 silver crimp tubes 26cm bright silver straight oval link chain Extension chain 7mm silver jump ring Silver lobster clasp

TOOLS Ruler Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Wire cutters Chain nose pliers Crimping tool

Step 1:

Cut three 70mm lengths of 20g wire. Place the end of one piece in the very tip of the round nose pliers and create a small loop. Remove the wire from the pliers and wrap the wire around the loop one more quarter turn with your fingers. Bend the loop vertically with the flat nose pliers. Repeat on the other two wires. Omit this step if replacing the silver wire with 3 additional head pins.

Step 2:

On one wire, string a 10mm framed yellow crystal (JB5Y71), a 12mm framed pink crystal (JB5P79) and a 26mm framed green crystal (JB5G10) and turn a simple loop.

Step 3:

On the other two wires, reverse the stringing order of step 2.

Step 4:

On each of the 60mm head pins, string a framed pink crystal and a framed green crystal and turn a loop.

Step 5:

On each of two 32mm head pins, string a framed yellow crystal and turn a loop.

Step 6:

Measure and cut 25cm tiger tail. String on two crimp tubes, form the end of the tiger tail into a small loop and thread it back through the two crimps. Crimp them securely.

Step 7:

String an 8mm clear round (JB5W68) and a framed yellow crystal component.

Step 8:

String two clear rounds and the green/pink component. String two clear rounds and one of the yellow/pink/green components.

Step 9:

String three clear rounds. This is the centre of the necklace. String the green/pink/yellow component and then complete the other side of the necklace to match. Finish the tiger tail off by adding two crimps, forming a small loop and crimping it securely.

Step 10:

Cut two 13cm lengths of chain. Open the first link of each length and hook one onto each side of the necklace.

Step 11:

Open the last link on one side of the necklace and attach the lobster clasp.

Step 12:

On the other side, attach the jump ring and 4cm of extension chain.

Step 13:

String a seed bead from one of the strands on the remaining head pin and turn a simple loop. Attach it to the last link of the extension chain.

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