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A065 Pastel Hexafish Bracelet

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  • Rainbow Bands Kit- Series 2
    Rainbow Bands Kit- Series 2


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SKU# PR-A065
In stock
Creative Mates Rainbow Bands 2 interchangable 1 loom 1 hook 1 S-clasp

Step 1: Place two looms facing away from each other to create a hexagon shape. Make the number 8 with one band and place around the hexagon. Do this with 5 other bands of the same colour and double them over the pins.

Step 2: Place two different coloured bands around the entire 6 pins. Do not mix up the order of your bands. Use the hook to grab the bottom two bands first placed on each pin and pull both of them over the pin. Repeat to all other pins.

Step 3: Place the next band over the 6 pins and use your hook to grab the bottom band and pull it over the other two bands on the same pin. Repeat to all other pins.

Step 4: Copy step 3 until you reach your desired length. (Approximately 108 bands were used on this bracelet altogether).

Step 5: Using your hook, grab the coloured band that is on the bottom of each pin and pull it over the one colour that remains. Using your hook, transfer the remaining band from every second pin to the pin on its left. Once this step is completed it will form a triangle shape. Take another band and place it over the 3 pins. Grab the two bottom bands and pullit over the coloured band that remains. Repeat to the other 2 remaining pins.

Step 6: Place all 3 bands on to one pin. Grab an S-Clasp and attach all three bands on to the one ending of the S-Clasp.

Step 7: Now going back to the end we began on, place the first two pastel bands on each of the 6 pins. The black bands will now be in the centre. You will need to cut off each of the black bands as they are no longer needed.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5 and 6. Now your bracelet is ready to be worn.

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