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A319 Pom Pom Wall Art

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  • Sullivans Pom Poms, Light Pink- 13mm
    Sullivans Pom Poms, Light Pink- 13mm
    SKU# 22230232-02117
  • Sullivans Pom Poms, Light Blue- 38mm
    Sullivans Pom Poms, Light Blue- 38mm

    Out of stock

    SKU# 22230195-02117
  • Sullivans Pom Poms, Glitter Silver- 13mm
    Sullivans Pom Poms, Glitter Silver- 13mm
    SKU# 22230621-02117
  • Sullivans Pom Poms, Glitter Gold- 20mm
    Sullivans Pom Poms, Glitter Gold- 20mm
    SKU# 22230591-02117
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SKU# PR-A319
In stock
Gingham fabric – we used blue and white Ric Rac 65cm – matching/ complimentary to fabric colour we used blue Sullivans crochet cotton – satin 2ply – blue Matching thread – we used white Needle Rotary cutter Cutting mat Scissors Safety pin Knitting needle

Step 1: Transfer templates onto cardboard or chipboard. You will need 2 per pom pom size. Wrap some wool around the wool holder. Wrap the wool around the template and knot securely. Continuing wrapping the wool around the template until you no longer see the cardboard. You may need to wrap more wool onto the wool holder once or twice more. If so knot ends together to continue wrapping wool around. Tie and knot end to secure wool [so pom pom does not unravel]. Insert scissors under wool between 2 templates and snip around circumference of pom pom. Wrap a long piece [at least 50cm] of wool in between 2 templates at the centre and pull tight and knot [you have just created the centre of the pom pom]. Make at least 2 pom poms of each size. We also used both colours together to make a pom pom.

Step 2: Lay pom poms to determine placement – vary sizes, lengths and colours to create desired look.

Step 3: Thread both ends of the wool used to secure the pom pom onto needle. Thread through clear bead.

Step 4: Wrap ends over handle. Bring ends over and feed between 2 pieces of wool and then knot in place.

Step 5: Double knot.

Step 6: Thread ends through needle and then again through same bead.

Step 7: Pull bead upwards toward handle to cover and secure knot. Trim excess. Repeat with all pom poms.

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