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A096 Princess Bracelet & Earrings

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SKU# PR-A096
In stock

JB5K89 silver framed black oval bead JB5Y64 7mm gold spectra round JB5Y45 5mm gold/silver spectra round


4 16mm bright silver plastic rings 8 6mm silver jump rings 6 4mm silver jump rings 8 silver eye pins 5 50mm head pins Silver toggle clasp 2 silver earring wires


Wire cutters Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers


Step 1:

Cut the nail head off three of the head pins using the wire cutters. Turn a simple loop on one end and string a silver framed black oval bead (JB5K89) on each one. Turn a simple loop at the other end.

Step 2:

String one 7mm gold spectra round (JB5K89) on each of four head pins and turn a simple loop.

Step 3:

String one silver, two gold and one silver 5mm spectra bead (JB5Y45) on an eye pin and turn a simple loop. Create three more components in the same way.

Step 4:

Open two 6mm jump rings and attach one to each end of one of the silver framed black oval components. Before closing the jump rings, add two of the silver/gold eye pin components made in step 3 to each jump ring.

Step 5:

Lay the oval component on your workspace with the narrow ends to the top and bottom. Spread the gold/silver eye pin components out with one of the top ones to the left and one to the right. Do the same thing with the bottom two components. They should form a diamond shape that is wider than it is tall. Open two 4mm jump rings and connect each pair of silver/gold components together.

Step 6:

Open a 6mm jump ring and hook on a 16mm silver ring and the eye pin loop of one of the remaining 7mm gold spectra components. Open a second 6mm jump ring and connect the other end of the eye pin to the other side of the silver ring. Create a second component in the same way.

Step 7:

Assemble all the components to create the bracelet length: attach one 7mm gold round to a black oval with a 4mm jump ring. Open the 6mm jump ring on one of the silver ring components and hook it through the other eye loop of the black oval. Attach the second 6mm jump ring from the silver ring to the 4mm jump ring of the diamond component. Complete the second half of the bracelet in the same way.

Step 8:

Attach one half of the toggle clasp to each end of the bracelet with a 4mm jump ring.


Step 1:

Create two ring components following steps 3 and 6 of the bracelet.

Step 2:

String one 5mm silver spectra round onto each of two head pins and turn a simple loop. Attach each one to the 6mm jump ring of the two silver rings.

Step 3:

Open the other 6mm jump ring of each silver ring and attach it to an earring wire.

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