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A113 Rainbow Ladder

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  • Rainbow Bands Kit- Series 2
    Rainbow Bands Kit- Series 2
    SKU# 23425958-00501
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SKU# PR-A113
In stock
Creative Mates Colour Bands 1 hook 1 S-clasp


Step 1: Place your loom so the prong openings are facing away from you. Place band from centre base

Step 2: Place a row of 11 bands along left side of loom. Repeat on right side.

Step 3: When reaching the end, place your bands from the last prong on each side of the loom to the centre (left then right).

Step 4: Matching the colours you have chosen, beginning at the 2nd pin on the loom, place a horizontal band from left to right. Continue to 2nd last set of pegs.

Step 5: From the first prong, place a row of black rubber bands straight up to the end of the loom.

Step 6: Place a cap band (band twised in two loops) on the last centre prong. Turn the loom around to face you.

Step 7: Place your hook down the first prong catching the bottom black band and loop forward.

Step 8: Continue this pattern to loom end.

Step 9: Place another set of horizontal bands (matching your current ones) over the top of the looped black bands from left to right. Place another cap band on the first band.

Step 10: Reach through the first prong catching the 2nd from bottom band and bringing it back through to the left prong. Repeat on each side until end.

Step 11: At the end, bring the last bands to the centre before placing hook all the way through and draw through black rubber band to end. Place on S hook and remove from loom.

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