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Red Pillbox #2495

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  • Sullivans Polyester Thread, Black- 1000m
    Sullivans Polyester Thread, Black- 1000m
    SKU# 21957970-02117
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SKU# PR-2495
In stock
1 Red Cap (pillbox) 2 Petal Fascinator Bases 1 Black Quill Feather 1 metre of black veiling (optional) 1 Hat Elastic 1 metre of Polypropylene Ribbon Trim Black Permanent Marker Needle and Thread

Bend your petal feather bases into complementary curls, and attach them to the front of your cap base with a needle and thread. Attach the polypropylene trim to the circumference of the hat with needle and thread, and make some pleasing loops at the front, Trim your quill feather Cut from the tip downwards to create a pleasing point. Strip the body of the feather by grasping the follicles firmly and pulling downwards. Re-colour the spine of the feather with a black permanent marker. Cut the feather in half - so you have one 'arrow' and one stalk. Arrange your trimmed feather and stalk at the front of your hat, tucked in behind the polypropylene ribbon and affix to the body of the hat with a needle and thread. Try your cap on in front of a mirror, and attach a hat elastic to the body of the cap - just behind your ears by pushing through where the ribbon meets the inside of the cap. The metal fastening should open out to anchor the elastic in place. If you choose to add veiling, gather the veil with a needle and thread in a U shape (left, bottom and right sides) and pulling lightly until the remaining edge has formed a 'cup' shape. Pin in place, and when you are happy with the effect, fasten off, and attach to your hat with a needle and thread.
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