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Simple Hoop Earrings #358

Simple Hoop Earrings
  • Ribtex Head Pins, 60mm Gold- 15pc
    Ribtex Head Pins, 60mm Gold- 15pc
    SKU# 22112514-02620
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SKU# Simple_Hoop_Earrings
In stock
20 gauge wire 2 beads 2 headpins Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Wire Cutters 2 plastic kitchen cutting boards A mallet or something to bang with Emery board or sand paper A round mandrel approx 2.5 - 3cm thick, some examples are: a large glue stick, bottle of liquid paper, spice bottle, or any round cylinder shape at least 3cm long and 2.5cm thick

With a 16cm length of 20 gauge wire wrap around the mandrel (round cylinder) 3 times, pulling firmly as you wrap. Cut the wire after the 3rd wrap and remove the wire from the cylinder. Cut in-between the loops of wire so you have 2 identical circles (you will have some wire left over) You can reshape by placing back onto the mandrel if needed. With round nose pliers form a loop by grabbing the end of one side of the wire circle and rolling it until you close the loop, repeat with the other earring, you should have a wire circular shape with a loop on one end. The other will go through the ear so it needs to be smooth, with an emery board file the end smooth on both earrings. Place the 2 wire circles side by side on one of the cutting boards, put the other board on the top of them, whack the board with the wire circles sandwiched in between a few times, this gives strength to the wire so they stay in shape. Place a bead onto a headpin, trim the wire approx 8mm from the bead and form a loop with the round nose pliers. Repeat on the other earring. Attach the beads to the loop on the earring. Option: Attach more beads or chain to the loop.
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