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A346 Somerset Star Needlebook

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SKU# PR-A346
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 Lincraft Fat quarters - ash, shell pink, mint  Sullivan felt - silver grey  Gutermann thread [colour 53]  DMC embroidery thread - 225  Scrap fabric e.g. calico approx. 15cm x 15cm  Rotary cutter / cutting mat


Step 1: Cut: a. Ash i. 8, 4 cm x 6 cm [prairie points] ii. 1, 13 cm x 15 cm [outside cover] iii. 3, 3 cm x 16 cm [outside cover] iv. 1, 13 cm x 25 cm [inside cover] b. Mint i. 2, 2 cm x 24.5 cm [ties] ii. 4, 4 cm x 6cm [prairie points] c. Shell pink – 8, 4 cm x 6 cm [prairie points] Silver grey – 2, 10 cm x 22.5 cm [inside pages]

Step 2: Iron all prairie points [ 4 mint, 8 shell pink, 8 ash]. Iron in half, length ways. Fold left edge to the middle forming point. Fold right edge to meet at the middle forming prairie point and press.

Step 3: Find centre of calico by ironing in half and half again. Place mint prairie points in the centre and sew in place [opening the prairie points to sew].

Step 4: Press points again.

Step 5: Place ash prairie points on top of mint one [at equal distance from centre], align opposite prairie point and sew in place.

Step 6: Repeat with another 2 ash prairie points. Ensure to press.

Step 7: Repeat with remaining 4 prairie points to cover mint gaps. Ensure to press. Step 8: Sew the ash prairie points at the base [forming octagon shape]

Step 9: Repeat with shell pink prairie points in the same way as described in step 8. Hand sew the tips of the shell pink prairie points to the calico – ensuring stitches are not seen.

Step 10: To create front cover of book sew ‘aiii’ piece to the top and bottom of star.

Step 11: Press ash coloured strips.

Step 12: Sew another ‘aiii’ piece to one side of the star and ‘aii’ to the side of the star to complete the outside cover of the book.

Step 13: Press all seams and trim excess.

Step 14: Sew a seam on 2 sides of the tie. Turn right side out and press. Repeat with second tie.

Step 15: Embellish the Somerset star with running stitch with DMC thread.

Step 16: Sew 2 felt pieces to inside cover in the middle to create pages. Position the ties at the middle of both sides of book.

Step 17: Place front cover on top [i.e. right sides together] and pin together.

Step 18: Sew a seam around all 4 sides leave a 10 cm opening. Trim excess. Turn right side out. Press and hand sew the opening closed.

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