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Spring Racing Stationary #2440

Spring Racing Stationary
  • Creative Kids Tin Of Colour Pencils- 36pk
    Creative Kids Tin Of Colour Pencils- 36pk
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    SKU# 23126060-00177
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SKU# Spring_Racing_Stationary
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Cristina Re Peacock Palace Paper Cristina Re Luxury Linen White Paper Cristian Re Blue Card Double sided tape Printer Ruler Trimmer Pencil Scouring Tool

INVITATION Step 1 Print or photocopy invitation wording onto white paper with a fine linen texture. Trim wording to 65mm x 91mm. Step 2 Take a piece of coloured paper and a piece of patterned paper and cut to 74mm x 99mm (coloured paper) and 105mm x 148mm (patterned paper). Centre the wording made in step one over the top and adhere the layers together with double-sided. Step 3 To complete, cut card in a coordinating colour to 105mm x 148mm, line up exactly and adhere together using double sided tape. MENU Step 1 Print desired menu wording and the title word "Menu" onto an A4 sheet of light coloured paper. Keeping text centred, trim menu text to 82mm x 176mm. Trim the title word Menu to 15mm x 65 mm. Step 2 Take a piece of coloured card and cut to 210mm x 197mm and fold in half lengthwise, either using a scouring tool or by hand. Centre the menutext on the right hand side and attach with an adhesive tape roller to make a slightly thicker border at the base. Step 3 Cut a second piece of the coloured card to 25mm x 75mm, centre the title word Menu on top and affix with double sided tape. Step 4 Trim a piece of coordinating paper with a design to 210mm x 199mm. Fold in half lengthwise. Place a thin line of double sided tape on the inside of the card, just to the right of the fold line, and adhere the two pieces together. Step 5 Complete the menu by adhering the title wording to the front, approx 25mm from the top of the booklet. PLACE CARD Step 1 Print or photocopy guest names onto pale coloured paper. For a charming, handwritten effect use a script font as pictured. Trim paper to 15mm x 63mm with guests' names aligned to centre. Step 2 Take a sheet of coordinating patterned paper and a plain coloured paper. Trim to 88mm x 55mm (patterned) and 30mm x 75mm (plain). Step 3 Centre and affix guest's name to plain coloured paper using double sided tape. Then, take this piece and centre and adhere to patterned using the same method. Step 4 To complete, cut a sheet of pale coloured card to 110mm x 86mm and fold in half to make place card. Adhere the layered paper piece to one side of the place card.
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