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Spring Triptych Canvas Art #2445

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  • Liquitex White Gesso- 237ml
    Liquitex White Gesso- 237ml
    SKU# 23459458-01731
  • Reeves Acrylic Paint, Silver- 75ml
    Reeves Acrylic Paint, Silver- 75ml
    SKU# 20997212-05005
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SKU# PR-2445
In stock
3 x Reeves 20" x 16" Canvases A Variety of Cristina Re Papers Small Buttons (for the eyes of the birds) Scissors or a Stencil Knife 1 Large Paintbrush 1 Small Paintbrush The following paint colours: 1 Reeves gesso 1 Reeves gloss gel medium 1 irridescent medium 1 deep turquoise 1 pale olive 1 rose red 1 fluorescent pink 1 orange 1 lime yellow 1 lavender 1 sand

Brighten up your walls with this beautiful set of 3 collaged canvases. A delightful project that is suitable for beginners or the more confident among us. Prepare your backgrounds, cut out your shapes, and when you are happy with the arrangement - stick it down. Add some painted strokes to ground the shapes and make them into trees. Finish with a coat of PVA glue to seal the work and sew buttons on as a finishing touch. Tip: use Reeves irridescent paint in the second stageof the background to add sheen and shimmer and add visual texture to the background - it will make the work cohesive. Step 1 Each one of your canvases should be a different but complementary colour. To achieve this - we undercoated each background with a fairly bright solid colour, then went over the top of all 3 with an irregular wash of the one colour mixed with Reeves irridescent paint - making sure we let the undercoat show through. Undercoat Pink canvas - cover with a mix of 20% rose red and 30% fluorescent pink to 50% gesso. Green canvas - cover with a mix of 20% deep turquoise and 30% pale olive to 50% gesso. Orange canvas - cover with a mix of 25% orange and 25% lime green to 50% gesso. When dry, mix up 80% Reeves irridescent paint with 20% lime green, and using a large dry brush, wash the paint lightly over all 3 background canvases making sure you can see the background in patches. Letting the undercoat show through will give great texture and warmth to the final piece. Leave to dry. Step 2 Cut out a variety of round and oval shapes for trees and bushes. Using the template provided, cut out a variety of bird shapes. Each bird is made up of 3 pieces, which depending on how they are arranged give the impression of flight in different stages. We suggest using a darker pattern for the birds than for the trees. Arrange your shapes, and when you are happy, stick them down using gloss gel medium - be careful to cover the entire back of each piece of paper before pressing it down to your canvas. Once each piece is stuck down, using a firm brush and a small amount of glue, brush over the top of the shapes to push out any blobs of glue or air bubbles that may be trapped. Depending on the texture of the canvas after painting you may need more or less glue to get a good firm adhesion. Tip: start with the trees and bushes, and then when they are dry, move on to the birds to keep the mess level to a minimum. Step 3 When the glue is completely dry, using a fine brush paint in tree trunks and branches on your trees to ground them and make a more obvious forest. We used lavender paint on the pink canvas, sand paint on the green canvas, and orange on the orange canvas. Step 4 When everything is completely dry, cover the entire canvas with a layer of gloss gel medium. Don't worry if there are areas that show up as solidly white - the glue will dry clear, provide a protective layer, ensure all paper is completely stuck down and that any edges are less hard and noticeable. Step 5 Sew on small buttons for the eyes of the birds, attach hanging wires and hang up your work of art.
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